Training Activity #2 – Investigate the world using photography

Last updated: September 25, 2023

Learning Objectives

    • Become aware of the potential of photography in portraying culture and thus human empowerment
    • Encourage the idea of social inclusion of everyone
    • Demonstrate the power of art to facilitate creative expression-
    • Create together a simple but impactful final artistic album (and later a show in the form of exhibition) by making photos within the training which consists of members from diverse groups but also outdoors photos.

Requirements/Specific Remarks

    • Open-mindedness of trainers
    • Prepare the necessary equipment to prevent unnecessary problems
    • Establish a social environment in which participants feel welcome and are encouraged to be active during the session
    • Trainers knowledgeable in the area of empowerment
    • Friendly space/environment (preferably a space with a large table where all participants can sit around)
    • Trainer to gain the confidence and trust or participants
    • Safe-space for sharing
    • 1 camera or smartphone camera
    • Printed images 
    • White paper
    • Colored pencils
    • 1 laptop
    • Speakers
    • 1 projector or bigger screen