Training Session #1 – Investigate the world using Theatre

Last updated: September 6, 2022

Learning Objectives

    • To have knowledge of the Communication Code fundamentals
    • To have knowledge of the verbal and non-verbal Communication fundamentals
    • To recognise the impact of the Body Language on daily conversations with others
    • To recognize the impact of non-verbal communication to the verbal one
    • To investigate intercultural differences and make use of proper non-verbal communication responses to different context
    • To make use of group activities with friends and families in order to investigate more the responses and perspectives of others in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication
    • To interpret the emotions of someone via verbal and non-verbal traits
    • To rate my own verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Requirements/Specific remarks:

    • The necessary equipment that is being mentioned throughout the instructions of the application of the session 
    • The trainer should have relevant basic practice knowledge of the topic 
    • The trainer should be able to form meaningful relationships with their trainees