Training Session #4 – Recognize own & others perspectives using podcasting

Last updated: September 6, 2022

Learning Objectives

Welcome to the Module 1: Let’s do a Podcast!

This module offers the necessary knowledge and information as for the users to be able to understand what is a Podcast, why people should produce it, how to produce, record and air it.

This will ensure you to:

    • Increase your self-esteem
    • Assume critical thinking towards information circuits and learn to recognize sources of information
    • Discover your own skills, abilities, attitudes and talent
    • Share emotions in a group and become aware to be part of a community
    • Create a Podcast together

Are you ready?

Let’s do a Podcast!

Before we start...

In this module will be used tools of facilitation and socialization such as:

    • Pieces of cards
    • Crazy comics
    • Small bricks

Each game or activity will serve to know us, socialize and facilitate learning