Training session #8 Take actions using IMPROVISATION

Last updated: September 6, 2022

Learning Objectives

    • Become aware of the gender system (and/or triple domination)
    • Realize that this system crosses us as well as others (individual & group dynamics)
    • Name the violence received verbally.
    • Name the reasons why I can remain speechless
    • Dare to “use” his body, his voice if desired + Improvisation
    • Accept not to respond and consider all options face of “dangers & threats”
    • Use improvisation to respond to aggression: Test yourself/get along
    • Acquire self-confidence.

Requirements/Specific remarks:

    • Access to a large room (improvisation needs space)
    • Bring the rules of benevolence (inside the group)
    • A whistle (or clap your hands).
    • Participants: min 6 & max 15.