Activity 1 Ice-Breaker: ‘What we have in common’
In this activity the trainer welcomes the participants and introduces himself/herself. The trainer will explain the aims of the training activity (learning outcomes) and give a short description of how the training session is structured, what activities will follow and how long the training session will take (the trainer will also inform the participants that’s short breaks will take place). Then the trainer will proceed with explaining the Ice-breaking activity.

Duration: 30 minutes

1. The facilitator calls out a characteristic of people in the group, such as ‘having children’. All those who have children should move to one corner of the room while those with no children to the other corner of the room. As the facilitator calls out more characteristics, such as ‘likes football’, people with the characteristic move to the indicated space’

I am married
I love raisins
I like working out
I like classical music
I don’t like the TV series ‘Friends’
I think that pizza is overrated
I can’t function without coffee in the morning
I am a smoker
I prefer winter from summer
I am a cat person not a dog person

2. At the end of the exercise, the trainer points out how it is very interesting that sometimes we have so many things in common with some people but at the same time we can be so different. Small discussion on what the participants thought about the icebreaker exercise, their thoughts and what they learned.