Activity 1 Introduction

  • Tools/ Educational resources: “Letting others know me better”
  • Description: Here the trainer welcomes the participants and introduces himself/herself. The trainer explain the aims of the training activity (learning outcomes) and give a short description of how the training session is structured, what activities will follow and how long the training session will take (the trainer will also inform the participants that’s short breaks will take place). After this, the participants introduce themselves too.

Activity 1 Training Resources (Exercises & Tools) What I Want You to Know

The Purpose of This Activity

This activity will allow participants to introduce themselves by giving them the opportunity to declare who they are and what they need from the group.

Estimated Time

45-60 minutes


  • Tape
  • Sheet of paper for each participant; writing utensil


This activity will give you the chance to introduce yourself to the group in your own words, and will help you relate to one another more easily as we begin our time together.

How to Play

  1. Hang a sheet of paper up with the following questions:
  • What I think about me …
  • What others think about me …
  • What might be misunderstood about me …
  • What I need from you …
  1. Explain that participants will be completing the four prompts to whatever degree they are comfortable. This is a written activity.
  2. Introduce the four prompts to be said of each participant by modeling them yourself.
  3. Allow each person time to state their names and complete all four prompts.
  4. Move on to debrief questions to get conversations about each person started.

Suggested Debriefing Questions

  1. What are 1-2 words that describe what this activity was like for you?
  2. What was it like to introduce yourself in this manner?
  3. Did you feel affirmed in the group? Why or why not?
  4. What are some things you can do in this diversity training/workshop/activity session to make your peers comfortable and included?
  • Things to Consider
  • If the group is large, you may consider breaking up into groups and then posting each response for others to read.