Activity 1 Welcome Icebreaker: “Sharing parts of yourself”

This energizer is used in seminars and group settings to assist participants become more involved, comfortable, and acquainted with the other members of the group. This activity is aimed to the Trainer of the session.

Duration: 30 minutes
The trainer can print the instruction below and give them to the participants so they can collaboratively accomplish it:


1.At the beginning, form a circle and introduce yourself.

2.Once everyone has introduced themselves take 2 A4 papers and colorful markers per person.

3.Write your name in capital by leaving gaps between the letters, for instance the name Nick should be written “ N I C K “.

4.Now take tapes and scissors.

5.Carefully cut the letters of your names. In this phase, you should have a number of small papers that equals the number of the letters of your name. In our case, we have 4: “N”, “I”, “C”, “K”.