ACTIVITY 10 : My trophy case

Imagine a trophy showcase in your living room. It could be a display of everything you can be proud of. There are five gleaming gold cups with a beautiful brass plaque.

What is engraved on it?

It could be a challenge you overcame (physical or mental), a test you overcame, a goal you achieved, something you did. It could also be a wise decision you made in the past or the best compliment you have ever received…

I stopped smoking“, “I lost 10 kilos“, “My cousin told me I was the smartest person in the family“, “My love gave me a wonderful present“, “I passed an exam“, “I shut that idiot up once and for all“, “I gave a present that really moved me“, …

Perhaps you have overcome some fears ? However “silly” they may be, that is reason enough to engrave them in copper and put them on a golden cup.

You don’t have to justify these trophies to anyone but yourself. If it makes sense to you, then write them down.

To help you get started, you can reward yourself 5 trophies for :

  1. A fear you overcame
  2. A good decision you made
  3. Something you accomplished
  4. The ‘most’ unique aspect of your personality
  5. A compliment you have been given that is valuable to you