Activity 2 ‘A picture tells a thousand words, or more?’

The aim of the activity is to make participants feel comfortable in sharing a past experience/story. This will allow participants to recognize their own perspective since past experiences are what shape us. Also, this activity will allow participants to recognize their emotions. Participants will also be taught to have self-confidence in sharing, opening-up to others and recognizing their own perspective. Moreover, participants will learn the importance of storytelling and how to use verbal and non-verbal communication techniques (using photographs to express their story and emotions).

Duration: : 1 hour

1. Show this video to the participants :

2. After the end of the video, trainer asks participants to have a small discussion on what they thought about the video. Questions to be asked by trainer to facilitate the discussion:

In what way do you think sharing your story can help you and others?

Why do you think we hold back from sharing our experiences?

Why do you think we hold back from sharing our emotions?

How do our past experiences shape the way we see the world and how we act?

3. After completing the discussion, participants will be asked by the trainer to think of a story, an event or incident that they believed influenced them in some way.

4. The participants will then be shown a set of artistic photographs taken by professional photographers. Participants will then be asked to choose some photographs and put them in order. The photographs will essentially depict the story that they thought of. The photographs can show an emotion, something that reminds them of the story (eg. A place, location, face etc).

5. Participants will then each show their photos (in a storytelling way) and then explain why the chose the photos (what the photos made them feel, what they think the perspective of the photo is and why they think this aligns with their own perspective based on the event/story they want to tell).

6. After each participants shows their story through images, a discussion and reflection session will be facilitated by the trainer where they we all discuss their views, perspectives and how the story shaped them in who they are today.
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