ACTIVITY 2 : Professional life story

In order to be able to talk about yourself and present yourself orally, think back to the main steps that led you to your period of unemployment. 

  • First of all, it is important to take stock of where you come from professionally. Did you work in the past, in what field/sector ? Was it fulfilling or ‘food’ ? Are you coming out of schoo l ? Did you expect to face these difficulties in finding your place in the labour market ? 
  • Then explain where you are now. Think about the conditions in which you are developing. What are you looking for ? How do you feel about yourself ? Do you believe in your chances and skills ?

Use the chart – Me and work/me and unemployment – freely. You can write, draw emotions, add key words to the main stages. It should speak to you and you should be able to relate to it.

This chart will serve as a basis, a starting point to explain to the group who you are.