Activity 2 Theatrical improvisation


Improvisational theatre, often called improvisation or improv, is the form of theatre, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers.

Improvisation theater is an artistic technique that has existed throughout history and in all territories. Like the commedia dell’arte, where street actors denounced power through typical characters such as Pantalon (a rich old man close to his money), the Doctor (a rich and intelligent old man), the Capitan (a man of forty years playing its charms strategically). The zannis (the valets of Pantalon and the Doctor in the care of the children (lovers) of the latter). Improvisation was and is a tool for building and working on characters in the theater world.



After the end of the video, trainer asks participants to have a small discussion on what they thought about the video.

Questions to be asked by trainer to facilitate the discussion:

  • In what way do you think that improvisation could help to express emotions?
  • How could improvisation help us to face threats/to “response” ?
  • Why sexism is a problem?

After completing the discussion, participants will be asked by the trainer to think of a story, an event or incident that they believed influenced them in some way to better figure sexism and its impacts.

Participants will then be asked to write down on a piece of paper “experienced situations” that they faced individually.

After, participants will exchange their written stories: each participant will read a to the group a story of another one.