Activity 2 Respecting Our Origins

  • Tools/Educational Resources: “Our Background”
  • Description: Through this activity the participants will be encouraged to share their origins, but they will also project their plans about the future. Furthermore, the aim of this activity is to share more about where they come from.

My Life Map

  • The Purpose of This Activity

This activity will allow participants to evaluate their origins, growth, and future. This is a self-evaluation activity, but will be shared with the group to facilitate understanding of where people come from.

  • Estimated Time

45-60 minutes

  • Materials
  • Life Map worksheet
  • Writing Utensils
  • Introduction

We all have different origins and beginnings. In this activity, we will evaluate where we came from, what has helped us to grow, and where we would like to be someday. Use this as a chance to get to know who is in the group and what contributes to a full person. Share as much as you are comfortable with, and respect your peers.

  • How to Play
  1. In preparation for the activity, print copies of the life map sheets.
  2. Instruct participants to complete their life maps with as much or as little information as they think fits.
  3. After each person has completed their sheet, invite them to share what they filled in.

Every participant should share.

  • Suggested Debriefing Questions
  1. Why did we do this activity?
  2. What did this activity tell you about your peers?
  3. Were there times you felt conflicted?
  4. Did someone‟s selection surprise you at any point?
  5. Which questions were the hardest to answer? Why?
  6. Why should you do exercises like this often?

Things to Consider

The Life Map should have a cluster design where the “The Life Map” words should be put in the center and should consist of the following matters:Your birth:Your family:Your school/education:

An opportunity for growth:

An opportunity to stop and think…

Where does your road lead?