Activity 3 Energizer: “Body Language: True or False”

This is an efficient energizer that relates to the main topic of the training session. Through this activity you can easily understand the concept of non-verbal communication, namely talking without words. You are asked to interpret the body language expressions of your partner while he is telling you a story. The aim is to find if the story narrated is a true or a made-up story.

Duration: 15 minutes

1.Go to a friend, family member etc.

2.Give 5 minutes to both of you to think of two 1-minute stories from which 1 will be true while the other will be a fake story. 

3.The story must be about a personal experience.

4.One each time has to start the stories and the other has to guess which one is true and which one is made up.

5.After the activity you can ask questions to think of:

a.Did I find it easy?

b.What made me decide which story was true and false?

c.What traits I was looking for?
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