Activity 4 Body Language: “Guess my non-verbal messages”

This activity aims to help you understand the importance of non-Verbal communication and release your interpretation skills that you did not know you have.

Duration: 1 ½ hours

1.Go to a friend, family member, etc. to do the activity.

2.Give to yourselves 1 of the sheets (Annex B & Annex C)

3.Communicate the sentences without using words. You have to non-verbally communicate them but to use your gestures. No sound from the mouth is allowed.

4.The other person has to guess what message you are trying to deliver.

5.For each sentence 1 minute of non-verbal show is considered enough.

6.Now that the list has finished, give 5 minutes to each of you to create a one-minute non-verbal scene that takes place into an imaginary location. The actor is again not allowed to talk, and the spectators cannot interrupt the performing of the scene. The spectator partner has to guess the content of the scene.

7.Once you present your scene to your partner, change roles and try to guess his scene.

8.Once the activity is done you can ask questions to yourself like: How do I feel? Did I successfully find the content behind the non-verbal communication? Was it easy without dialogue? Did I learn anything about myself?

1.Hello, how are you?

2.You did a great job!

3.Go straightforward. 

4.I need your help.

5.I have a headache.

6.Stay quiet!

7.I have to go and take a nap.

8.I do not like this.

9.I love you.

10.Can I have a glass of water?

1.I am fine, thank you.

2.Will you marry me?

3.Let me alone!

4.This is so tasty!

5.I do not have time!

6.Do you need help?

7.I am so hungry. 

8.I feel dizzy.

9.You are so beautiful. 

10.See you later.