ACTIVITY 4 : Labels

Choose the main label that sticks to me as an unemployed person.

On post-it notes given to you by your trainer, write down the prejudice that is projected onto you, starting with the adjective “TOO much” …

  • Too female
  • Too old
  • Too young
  • Too foreign
  • Too fat

And then continue with other Post-it notes that express the “logical sequence” in the minds of people or employers.

“Too female” “Too likely to have kids” “Too absent to look after her kids” “Too unreliable” Etc. 

“Too old” “Too expensive” “Too slow” “Too useless” “Too behind in technology” “Too fragile” Etc. 

Then, give free rein to whatever comes to mind.

“Too lazy”, “Profiteer”, “Incompetent”, “Unable to get up early and respect work rules”, “Too inexperienced”, “Not graduated enough”, “Too educated”, “Too Arab, we don’t want Ramandan, prayers, or Halal meat here”, “Too gay, it’s unnatural”, Etc. 

In which situations related to my status as a TSE or job seeker has this prejudice ever blocked or prevented me from expressing myself as I would have liked ?