Activity 4 ‘Power of silence- Listening through photographs’

The aim of this activity is to practice active listening skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, curiosity and to understand the perspectives of others. By listening to the stories of others we should focus on understanding their perspective on the vent. What they felt, why they felt it, why they reacted in the way they did and how did this event shape their life. By then choosing images with no words that represent the story, participants will be able to demonstrate how well they managed to perform ‘active-listening’ as well as understand the perspective of their pair.

Duration: 50 minutes

1. Participants should watch this video.

2. After the end of the video, trainer asks participants to have a small discussion on what they thought about the video.

Questions to be asked by trainer to facilitate the discussion:

- Why do you think active listening is important?

- How does active listening help us understand the perspective of others?

- How do you think active listening benefits the listener?

3. After completing the discussion, participants will be separated into pairs. Participants will be asked to share between them a story from their past. It can be any story they wish. Each participant will say to their pair their story, what happened, what they felt etc.

4. After listening to their pair, the other participants will then have to choose some photos which they think represents the story of their pair, their emotions etc.

5. Then participants will be asked to join the greater group and each participants will explain why they chose the specific photos based on what they listened from the story of their pair. The images they choose should depict the perspective of the other person.