Activity 5 Energizer: “Communication Chain”

This is an efficient energizer that you can play with your friends to understand how the coding of communication works. It is important that during the activity someone records the process by using a smartphone’s camera and to present the results to the rest.

Duration: 15 min

1.Make a straight line so everyone can see the back of the persons in their front apart from the first person who sees the wall.

2.Give to the last standing in the line a note that says “As I was driving my car, I fell asleep but the horn woke me up because I pressed it with my head by coincidence”. You can use another sentence if your like.

3.Ask him not to reveal what the note says because he will deliver the message to the one in front by using non-verbal communication. 

4.The scene has to be done with one at a time

5.The next ones in front are not allowed to look what is happening back until it’s their turn.

6.When the turn of the first arrives, ask him to present to the rest the scene that the previous one showed him

7.You can see this video as a real practical example: Video

8.Now the person who recorded the video has to show it to the rest. Enjoy!