Activity 5 ‘What did you see?’

Aim of this activity is to point out 2 things. Firstly, as a continuation of Activity 4, this Activity highlights the importance of Active Listening. Only by applying Active Listening skills will the person be able to understand the image explained by their pair. Secondly, this Activity highlights how every person has a different perspective and interprets things in their own way. In order to understand the perspective of others and form meaningful relationships we need to understand that we all comprehend things in different ways, and it is important to learn from the experience of others.

Duration: 40 minutes

1. Participants will be divided into pairs of 2.

2. Participants will be asked to sit with their backs turned against each other.

3. One participant will be given a colored photograph of an object, event, scenery etc.

4. The other participants will be given a blank piece of paper and colored pencils.

5. The participant with the image will describe the photo (eg. Size of the objects, location, colors etc)

6. The other participant will draw whatever they understand based on the description made by their pair.

7. Participants will be asked to compare their drawings and photos.

8. At the end of the exercise, participants will get back in the general group and discuss all together why they think that the photos and drawings are so different or so similar.

Photos to be used in this activity