Activity 7 ‘Creating my own perspective’
The aim of this activity is to increase the curiosity and self-empowerment of participants through photography. This activity will allow them to acknowledge their artistic side and present in a non-verbal way their perspective. At the same time, participants will be able to explain why they photographed the way they did and in this way they can inspire the others.

1. Participants will be given a set of objects and they will be asked to choose some objects.

2. Then participants will be asked to take the objects alongside with some equipment which will provided and choose an area in the room and place the objects in any way they want.

3. Participants will be asked to use their mobile phones or cameras and photograph the objects in any way they want. This can be done in any angle, from any distance, black and white or in color, with any background or lighting.

4. Participants will then re-group and show their chosen photograph to the rest of the group.

5. Then participants will be asked to explain why they chose the specific objects and way to photograph.

Photos to be used in this activity

‘Still life photography is a form of professional photography that depicts inanimate objects or subject matters.’ -