Together with the group, decide on a nice place (or several places) where you could film the video. The idea of this creation is that everyone sees themselves sticking the post-its all over their body, forehead, etc. (You can ask passers-by in the street or people in the building to help you) “Lazy” “Profiteer” “Good for nothing” “Too black” “Will leave the company for her children !” … all referring to the status of unemployed.

During the time that people are sticking these post-its, the person who is suffering stares at the camera, emotionless or with sad emotion. Once all the post-its are stuck, the person removes them. And then he smiles and sticks his own post-its. And the smile gets bigger and bigger as she sticks the post-its on herself, because she knows in that moment that she is infinitely more than what society thinks she is.

She is her own definition.

Only film from head to chest, so that the post-its can be read, and make sure that the post-its are legible (written in capital letters, with a black marker).

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