Topic 4 How and what to talk about through a podcast?

There are a few simple rules to follow to understand how to talk in a podcast:

  1. Slow down and be clear when speaking
  2. Emphasize words or specific moments with pauses
  3. Be positive and funny
  4. Be creative 
  5. Always consider your main target/public 
  6. Remember not to be offensive and rude
  7. Podcast may sound like casual, free-flowing conversations


What to talk about in a Podcast: 

  1. You should always talk about what you know (or you can invite and interview stakeholders)
  2. Inform your public about the information you’re sharing. Share your sources!
  3. Always consider your main target/public

Here some examples:

  • Opening: Hi everyone, I’m….. Welcome to People Web Radio the web radio of People Help the People.
  • Topic: Today we are talking about ……. Today I will tell you about …. He is with us ….to talk about
  • Closing: Goodbye and have a nice day from People Web Radio, the radio of People Help the People
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