Topic 5 From recording to airing

Now that you know what it takes to produce a Podcast, you can record your own episodes! 

Get the recording equipment ready and start recording (you can do it on audacity, a free downloadable registration platform)! 

Once you’ve finished with the recording phase, you’re ready to air the Podcast episodes following the structure you’ve previously decided. 


  • Launch your podcast: Try to record more than one episode in time for your launch. Listeners who like your content will almost always look for the next episode and they like it to be available. 
  • Air it on podcasting platforms or app (spotify, google play, soundcloud..)
  • Interact with your listeners: ask them to subscribe, share, and leave a review of your podcast at the start and end of every single episode. 


​finished thematic audio product accessible and downloadable through internet
Editorial Staff​
​group of people (journalists or editors) who coordinate on the choice of content to be treated on the radio
​multimedia data flow that starts from an internet source and reaches a community of people
​elements that define a program
​host of the radio broadcast; podcast
guideline that keeps the speaker on track and ensures you hit all the right key points. It will also help the speaker prepare transitions and get everything in within the allotted time. 
​it indicates a short-lived audio realization that can be composed of voice, music and effects (fx). The jingle in its original meaning is the musical melody that accompanies the advertisements of a product or a program (radio-tv). Over time the term jingle has been used as a synonym for radio sweeper and jingle ID. The latter are, in turn, short-lived audio productions composed of voice, music and effects linked to the identity of a broadcaster
the intervention of at least one speaker at the microphone
​it indicates the beginning of a song used as background music by the speaker to close his talk
​it indicates the end of a song that is used as background music by the speaker to open his talk.
​term indicating the sequence Song-Jingle-Song on radio. At this time, there is no talk
is a free downloadable software used to acquire audio sources, record and edit audio files
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