Topic 1 The Role of the Facilitator and his/her Pedagogical Approach

The role of the facilitator is central to the implementation of the game workshops.

  • Beforehand, it is important to define the context, the workshop framework, the targeted audience and the educational objectives. The facilitator then identifies the skills to be acquired and selects the games that will be proposed to the participants and that will enable them to work on these targeted skills.
  • An example of table crossing skills and games is available on page 13 of the Training kit.
  • During the sessions, the facilitator introduces the games & the rules, checks that they are well understood and rephrases. During the games, s/he guides, supports, observes behaviour & strategy choices, encourages, values progress and decisions made by the learners.
  • At the end of the session and after the games, the facilitator debriefs by asking the learners about their experience and the benefits of the game in terms of objectives and benefits for their daily lives.