Topic 1 Workshops Pedagogical Development

  • To develop the pedagogical approach, start by identifying a theme and choosing literary texts, poems or other materials on the chosen theme.
  • The selected theme for this project is emancipation of the women, entitled “Emancipation(s)“. The main objective is to experiment with groups of vulnerable people forms of engagement and emancipation in their areas.
  • To have a creative process, a precise and structuring framework (benevolence, non-judgement, respect, listening, solidarity) has to be defined for the participants. As the group is composed of people with different experiences and hardship, with uncertainties, this can cause tensions. This framework will therefore have a restraining function, which will guarantee an evolving work process for each participant.
  • In order to leave a valuable and lasting trace of these workshops, a restitution of the texts produced by the participants will take the form of a collection entitled “Emancipation(s)” and of public readings (filmed) co-constructed and performed by them.