Topic 2 Course of the 5 Sessions of Games Workshops

  • 1st session: Confidence building: To enable learners to get to know each other better, to gain confidence and find their place in the group. Use of the Balance game and Chinese checkers.
  • 2nd session: Free Speech: To foster speaking out and improve one’s speech, argumentation and use of examples. Use of the Balance game, Solidarity Pencil and Picardy plates.
  • 3rd session: Hidden abilities: To become aware of one’s hidden abilities by experiencing touch. Use Balance game, Blind Tic-Tac-Toe and Chinese Checkers.
  • 4th session: Leadership: To experience leadership and build self-confidence by facilitating a game. Use the Balance Game, Picardy plates and Solidarity pencil.
  • 5th session: Assessment: To consolidate what has been learned, including the basics of communication and leadership. Use of the 5 games: Balance game, Chinese checkers, Solidarity pencil, Blind Tic-Tac-Toe and Picardy plates.