Topic 2 Developing Skills for Employment

The aim of the games workshops is to strengthen people’s soft skills, respect, empathy and listening.

  • It also aims to bring out the different members of the group to verbalise and stand for a situation.
  • It is important to have a precise and structuring framework by recalling the rules of benevolence, non-judgement, respect, listening, a “win-winposture and solidarity within the group. This framework will then have a reassuring function, respecting everyone and building confidence, which will guarantee an evolving work process for everyone.
  • Game activities offer many opportunities to interact with others, to listen to them, to take their suggestions into account, to value them or to enrich them. Mutual help is strongly encouraged throughout the sessions and games. Learners become aware that they enrich their vision, their point of view, their strategies thanks to the contributions of the group and that they are more successful collectively.
  • Over the course of the sessions and the games, the instructions for the games and the feedback will gradually focus on deepening the arguments. The learners will clarify their words, structure them better and better, argue and provide examples.