Topic 2 The Course of the Sessions

The writing workshop is built up in the following way, at each session:

  • Contact, proposal and presentation of the theme of the session
  • Presentation of resources (photos, texts, audio…) illustrating the theme
  • Writing instructions
  • Individual writing ¬†time – the facilitator can be called upon if the person feels that s/he is having difficulties
  • Informal exchanges and reading aloud to the group¬† of the texts produced during the session
  • Feedback (the voice, the look, the body, the emotion that the text brings, its singularities…)
  • Closing of the session

Drama reading sessions will take place as follows:

  • 2 sessions of rehearsal and staging of the theatrical reading show that highlights the selected texts by the group amongst those produced,
  • The final performance in front of an audience: staged readings with the participants and their texts read aloud, alone or in a group.