Topic 3 The 5 Writing Sessions and the 3 Drama Reading Sessions

  • 1st writing session: Who am I: composing a valuing acrostic from one’s first name.
  • 2nd writing session: Emancipations: defining and writing the wordemancipation” in all known languages and proposing associations of ideas from the wordsemancipation” and “constraint“.
  • 3rd writing session: The day you said no: Describing the day you said no in a free way or using an inductive structure such as Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow; I say no to; I resent
  • 4th writing session: Women and emancipation: Writing one’s dreams of emancipation, one’s anger, one’s rebellion in a letter addressed to a person of one’s choice (for men, put yourself in the shoes of a woman).
  • 5th writing session: Social emancipation: Writing a plea on the theme of social emancipation, freeing oneself from prejudice, humiliation using an inductive structure such as I am indignant about/against/, …
  • 6th and 7th session: Staging of public readings: staging and practicing reading of the selected texts, according to a collectively defined staging
  • 8e session: Public performance of the drama readings: staging the readings in front of an audience.