Topic 3 Workshops Facilitation

Starting from dreams and passions, from a need to assert oneself, we will focus on individual or collective pathways, which are crossed by questions, doubts, fears, desires and which oppose cultural, family and personal obstacles.

The facilitator will use questions such as:

  • Is it so easy to take a career pathway that breaks away from one’s background, or is it acceptable and unattainable to make a professional career out of one’s passion?
  • Does choosing to marry someone from another community or social background mark a break with one’s cultural identity? How can one free himself/herself  from family expectations and overcome prejudices?
  • How can we find our uniqueness and realise our strengths? How can we assert ourselves in a convincing way to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our choices?

The workshop will take place over 8 sessions:

    • 5 two-hour writing workshops: production of texts and readings aloud to the group
    • 2 sessions of 2 hours of theatre/voice acting
    • Public reading of selected texts, among those produced by the participants