Topic 4 Contributions of Game Workshops on Professional Insertion

Vulnerable groups have a number of barriers to employment that make it difficult to mobilise them in their integration process. They are often isolated, demobilised, and lose confidence in themselves and their chances of success. They often have a low level of qualification, a a weak mastery of the local language and few work experiences. Single women with dependent children have to face the constraints of family organisation alone.

Thus, thanks to regular workshops over several weeks and to the dynamic that is created in the group, people overcome and bypass these difficulties. They get out of their difficult situation and isolation, take time for themselves, enjoy themselves in order to recharge their batteries and open up new perspectives.

Through its symbolism, the game enables to go beyond language and observable elements of the situation. It enables :

  • to transfer the strategies to the job search, you win/lose/improve, just as you succeed or fail in job interviews, you bypass obstacles, find solutions, make decisions… and move on!
  • to better interact with others, to argue one’s case and to take one’s place
  • to develop a more positive perception of oneself and therefore a more confident attitude towards recruiters.